Survey Says: Top What kind of conservative are you? results, Politics Survey
The top 12 What kind of conservative are you? results of 11522 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What kind of conservative are you?.      

#1 19.5%
Paleoconservative - opposed to immigration, protectionist, socially conservative, isolationist, free-market otherwise. Pat Buchanan
#2 15.2%
Extreme conservative - supports the free market and extreme social conservatism. Tom Coburn.
#3 14.2%
Christian democrat - economically center-left, socially center-right. Also known as compassionate conservatism. Supports some government intervention in the market.
#4 13.5%
Federalist conservative - supports a weak federal government and opposes imperialism, but doesn't care much about the actions of local governments. Ron Paul
#5 9.3%
Liberal conservative (in the British sense) - supports free market, but with moderate support for the welfare state and environmentalism. David Cameron
#6 7.5%
Imperialist conservative - protectionist, interventionist, support of high military spending, anti-immigrant. Joseph Chamberlain.
#7 6.8%
Libertarian conservative - supports free market and social freedoms. Opposed to imperialism.
#8 4.8%
Socialist conservative - economically far-left, socially right. Supports government nationalization of businesses, as well as social conservatism.
#9 4.3%
Liberal conservative (in the non-British sense) - supports free market. Socially moderate. Newt Gingrich
#10 2.5%
Green conservative - supports environmental protection.
#11 2.0%
Moderate conservative - center-right both socially and economically. John McCain.
#12 0.5%
Neoconservative - support for various government subsidies and high military spending. Socially moderate, interventionist. William Kristol

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