Survey Says: Top A Christmas Carol results, Books Survey
BooksThe top 12 A Christmas Carol results of 1085 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for A Christmas Carol.

#1 20.9%
Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come: The last ghostly visitor. This solemn, silent phantom represents death, but also the presents the possibility that the future is not determined, but open to the free will of humans. The Ghost does not speak; it simply leads Scrooge from scene to scene, pointing finally to an unkempt and ignored gravestone.
#2 19.6%
Fred: Scrooge's nephew: Fred embodies the joy and sharing of Christmas. He maintains a generous spirit toward his miserly uncle, extending an annual invitation to Christmas dinner no matter how many times Scrooge declines it. He invites Scrooge not out of a sense of obligation, but out of a sincere desire to spread and share his sense of joy.
#3 14.7%
Bob Cratchit: Scrooge long suffering employee. A timid man more afraid to be unemployed than he is of the demanding Scrooge. He is the patriarch of a materially poor family, but rich with love.
#4 14.4%
Ebenezer Scrooge (after the dream): Renowned for his kindliness and generosity, and keeping the spirit of Christmas all year long. After his reform, Scrooge becomes a second father to Tim.
#5 6.7%
Tiny Tim: Cratchit's crippled son, Tiny Tim represents the overwhelming goodness of the Christmas spirit.
#6 6.0%
Fezziwig: The good-natured, much loved businessman for whom young Scrooge apprenticed.
#7 5.3%
Ghost of Christmas Past: The first ghost, after Marley, to visit Scrooge, the small, elderly figure represents memory. The personification of memory. In order for Scrooge to grow as a human being, he must remember his past and learn both positive and negative lessons from it.
#8 3.5%
Ebenezer Scrooge (as a youth): A young boy; shunned by his peers and perhaps his father, but who enjoyed the love of his sister. Embittered after a failed romance.
#9 2.7%
The ghost of Jacob Marley: Scrooge's late business partner, who died on Christmas Eve seven years prior to the beginning of the story. The chain encumbered ghost appears to Scrooge to warn him that he must learn the dangers of being money-obsessed.
#10 2.4%
Ebenezer Scrooge (before the dream) A hardhearted, tightfisted, cold, miserly businessman—his view of Christmas is negative and cynical.
#11 2.2%
Belle: A former fiancée of Scrooge, she breaks it off due to his greedy ways.
#12 1.7%
Ghost of Christmas Present: A giant clad in robes. He represents celebration and charity. The personification of generosity. The Ghost stands for generosity not only of material goods.

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