Survey Says: Top Which ''Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager'' character are you? results, Star Wars Survey
Star WarsThe top 12 Which ''Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager'' character are you? results of 127 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which ''Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager'' character are you?.

#1 35.4%
Chad Vader, day shift manager of Empire Market. Younger brother of Darth.
#2 19.7%
Jeremy Wickstrom, Empire Market employee and Chad's young apprentice. Can use ''The Force'' to grab a broom.
#3 18.1%
Weird Jimmy, Empire Market's cackling night shift janitor. Mentally imbalanced.
#4 9.4%
Lloyd. A crude store employee and Clint's friend.
#5 5.5%
Damien Nightshayde, strange, goth, stock boy. Popular with the ladies.
#6 3.1%
Clarissa, sexy cashier and sometimes love interest of Chad.
#7 3.1%
Lionel. Another Empire Market weirdo who observes when customers ''save a lot''.
#8 1.6%
Margaret McCall, new owner of Empire Market.
#9 1.6%
Randy Morgan, the general manager of Empire Market. Has a mental breakdown.
#10 1.6%
Sean Banditson, a disgruntled former customer of Empire Market.
#11 0.8%
Libby. Another store employee and another love interest of Chad's.
#12 0.0%
Clint Shermer, Chad's arch rival. Spoiled bully.

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