Survey Says: Top RPG Gamers (D&D & Fantasy) results, Games & Toys Survey
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The top 8 RPG Gamers (D&D & Fantasy) results of 1353 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for RPG Gamers (D&D & Fantasy).      

#1 30.2%
That's right... the elephants are really pink with purple spots!
#2 24.8%
Yes... Muahaha... Destory everything that's EVIL!~
#3 18.4%
I think you better switch to decaf!
#4 15.0%
You're only Human who's on too much ALE.
#5 4.7%
Um, I think it's best to see a doctor.
#6 2.4%
You're only an Elf ~ Who's on too much biru!
#7 2.4%
What a Bazoo ~ Who's on too much Wah-wah Juice!
#8 2.1%
You're my HERO!! Keep on saving the universe!!

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