Survey Says: Top Are you Gay? results, Love Survey
LoveThe top 8 Are you Gay? results of 6804 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Are you Gay?.      

#1 32.3%
Lesbian- You like women.
#2 30.1%
Gay- You like men.
#3 12.0%
Bisexual- You like everybody!!! Let's have a party!
#4 7.1%
Straight- You like the opposite sex.
#5 6.9%
Beastialiac- You like to have sex with animals... Okee.
#6 5.6%
Loner- Ok, do you even like people??
#7 4.6%
Pedifile- Ok, pick on someone your own age!!!
#8 1.3%
Necrophiliac- Sex with dead people? Not even going there.

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