Survey Says: Top Aloha/Hawaiian Shirt Selector results, Fashion Survey
FashionThe top 4 Aloha/Hawaiian Shirt Selector results of 51 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Aloha/Hawaiian Shirt Selector.      

#1 49.0%
You were born to wear Hawaiian shirts! Like me, your closet is full of them, and you wear them year-round. Aloha!
#2 27.5%
You have a bright shirt or two, and you intersperse them within your wardrobe as necessary. Usually, though, you'll only wear them in the summer.
#3 13.7%
You don't even own a Hawaiian shirt! Get out of this selector!
#4 2.0%
You own one dusty old Hawaiian shirt in the very back of your closet, or even worse, your attic, and you either dig it up to wear as a tourist for Halloween or for Hawaiian Night at your favorite club/bar/pub or other event.

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