Survey Says: Top Which digimon from season 3 are you? results, Anime Survey
The top 8 Which digimon from season 3 are you? results of 473 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which digimon from season 3 are you?.      

#1 47.6%
You are Guilmon! A cute, friendly digimon, you can also be strong when you need to be. You love food (especially bread) and love to play, but you also have acute sences and powerful abilities. Your tamer Takato is also your best buddy.
#2 20.1%
You are Calumon! An adorable little cutie, you cannot fight, but you can help others by using the catalyst inside you to help them digivole. Oh so innocent and loveable--who could not like you?
#3 11.6%
You are Renamon! Nimble and strong, you used to believe that you had no purpose, that you were just data. However, you have realized your purpose as you grow closer to your tamer, the tough-girl Rika.
#4 6.1%
You are Leomon! A strong-hearted, loyal digimon, you are usually brave (unless a girl like Jeri is pursuing you). You are willing to protect someone, even to your death. In fact, you got destroyed while protecting your tamer Jeri.
#5 5.5%
You are Cyberdramon! Powerful and wild, you are hard to control and often end up creating more trouble than solving it.(not to mention your tamer Ryo is quite full of himself...)
#6 4.2%
You are Terriermon! Little and playful, you like to joke around and laugh. However, you want to prove to others that you are also strong, and do so when you work together with your tamer Henry (although you bug him sometimes).
#7 3.8%
You are Impmon! A mischevious digimon who wants to be thought of as tough, you do have a soft spot in your heart. You enjoy playing tricks on people, but also wish that you were loved. Your tamers, Ai and Mako, used to fight over you but now they love you!
#8 1.1%
You are Lopmon! Small and quiet, you still are strong and have much ambition. Your main goal is to make sure your little tamer, Suzie, stays safe and doesn't get into trouble.

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