Survey Says: Top Which Vampire Are You? results, Horror Survey
HorrorThe top 10 Which Vampire Are You? results of 13527 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Vampire Are You?.

#1 32.0%
#2 16.2%
Servant, you are just not ready for immortality.
#3 15.1%
Louis -Anne Rice: You are kind, gentle and merciful. But, you are not all sugar and sweets, revenge is your specialty. Which, you like to take, especially on those who ruin your life.
#4 12.1%
Claudia- Anne Rice: You look innoscent and appear as a child but, that is far from the truth. Deep down you are wicked and vengeful. You reek haveck on your oppressors and will do anything for a little taste of victory. But, there is a soft spot you have for a certain someone.
#5 8.4%
Dracula -Bram Stoker: You are a sentimental and believe in soulmates, but, you are not merciful in the least bit. You would have no problem slitting the throat of a visitor just for fun.
#6 5.9%
Lestat -Anne Rice: You are the Brat prince, snobby arrogant and you ALWAYS get your way. If not, well, that just doesn't happen. You love life and take everything you can get.
#7 5.5%
Armand -Anne Rice: You are an artist and a lover of fine things, though it is not neccisary for happiness. You give your love freely and your body is often taken advantage of but, you don't care.
#8 2.8%
Alissa -Christopher Pike: You are seductive and flirty, you get what you want. You know how to suvive and how to blend in. You are very independent, though you love to have a lover behind you.
#9 1.5%
Marius -Anne Rice: You are religious to the core, strict, yet loving. You share your love with many but your expectations are high so, you do not find stisfaction often.
#10 0.6%
Simon -Anne M. Curtis: You are a romantic and a survivor. You love to suprise your love with flowers or a little "silver kiss". Yet, you are also vengful and will do anything for revenge, even if it means killing your own brother or getting killed yourself.

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