Survey Says: Top What Stuffed Animal Are You? results, Wild Animals Survey
Wild AnimalsThe top 8 What Stuffed Animal Are You? results of 275 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What Stuffed Animal Are You?.

#1 21.5%
Toucan Toucanium the Toucan
#2 20.0%
Ducky Lance the Duck
#3 18.9%
Philip Guin the Penguin
#4 13.5%
Wallace Cinnamon the Whale
#5 9.5%
Polar Bere the Polar Bear
#6 9.1%
Adam P., Jr. the Puffin
#7 7.3%
Wolf Wolffe the Wolf
#8 0.4%
Kevin the Dinosaur

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