Survey Says: Top Which Speech And Debate Kid Are You? results, Friends & Roommates Survey
Friends & RoommatesThe top 9 Which Speech And Debate Kid Are You? results of 158 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Speech And Debate Kid Are You?.      

#1 20.9%
Krista: This senior is the president of Carson High's Speech and Debate team. Many are intimidated by her strong personality, and her nickname among the team is "Nazi".
#2 13.9%
Carl: Carl is a freshman member of the team, who typically transitions between debates. Seeing that he flusters easily and avoids hurting the feelings of others, he's a favorite of the ladies, because he's just adorable!
#3 12.0%
Vickie: This loud, attention-seeking sophomore has transitioned from Lincoln-Douglas to Policy Debate. Essentially the outcast of the group because of her sex and political stance, you can find her hanging with her homies at Jack in the Box.
#4 8.2%
Aaron: This junior is a competitor in Senior Lincoln-Douglas debate, but beware! While he'll always be the first person to lend you money, he will also gladly sell you to the Russians for a dollar.
#5 6.3%
Mitchell: This sophomore is a Senior Policy Debater and is known as the "Superhomie" of the group. Don't be alarmed if catch him stealing your food, or if you overhear him refer to himself in third-person tense.
#6 5.7%
James: A whopping three feet tall, James is a novice Lincoln-Douglas debater who always manages to piss Vickie off. Let's just say that his annoying habit of laughing at his own jokes certainly makes him... special.
#7 5.1%
Ian: This lazy and untrustworthy freshman competes in Lincoln Douglas Debate, and enjoys going to Jack in the Box after meetings. You can often catch him sitting infront of the mirror, flexing his muscles, or blow-drying his hair.
#8 3.8%
Brian: If you are infertile, homosexual or sterile, steer clear of Brian. According to this Lincoln-Douglas debater, you are worthless to the human race if you can't reproduce. His hobbies include smiling while eating bacon chedder wedges and making Vickie cry.
#9 3.8%
Matt: Probably the most nomal person in the group, Matt is a senior Policy debater, who has won a variety of awards in tournaments. Granted, we've never seen him attend a weekly meeting, but we're pretty sure he exists.

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