Survey Says: Top Which Kind Of Nylon Animal Are You? results, Wild Animals Survey
Wild AnimalsThe top 5 Which Kind Of Nylon Animal Are You? results of 38 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Kind Of Nylon Animal Are You?.      

#1 55.3%
The common nylon animal - is born with a shiny pink fur, which later on becommes bright white or slightly pink. It has a body like a armadillo and a face shaped like the face of of a rhino. It likes to eat grass or leaves from the top of the trees, where it also enjoys sleeping. It is sligthly shy but if it grows up among humans it will be very trusting and cuddly. Normally it lives for 15 years and measures 25-30 cm.
#2 21.1%
The Asian nylon animal - is usually a lot larger than the other nylon animals, as they are often raised in farms where they are fed with hormones. They have many variations of facial expressions, a thing which is not common with any of the other nylon animals. They feed on various sorts of vegetation and especially in early march they eat a lot of rice.
#3 13.2%
The Svendborgian nylon animal - is very trusting and fond of being around humans. It is attracted to all sorts of alcohol and loud noises, and may be found sleeping in a gutter if not in a tree. It is the least endangered species, mainly because the headquarters of FMUN is in the small town of Svendborg, but also because of their exellent sexual drive/breeding skills.
#4 10.5%
The Norwegian nylon animal - has a very fuzzy and warm fur, to protect it from the cold climate in which it lives. It might seem slightly brownish. It somewhat resembles a moose with its antlers. It lives in small groups of 4 or 5 animals and eats different types of grass and/or pine needles.
#5 0.0%
The Australian nylon animal - is a far relative of the Australian koala. It is not as shy as all the other nylon animals, and they are a bit more aggressive, although just as endangered. They are not as evolved as other nylon animals around the world, but they are entertained very easily and can be caught with the greatest of ease.

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