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PoliticsThe top 7 The future of the Middle East results of 3387 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for The future of the Middle East.

#1 48.2%
American Hegemony (Palestinian land occupied by Israel, Iraq held by America, American corporations controlling oil production, all foreign policy conforming to American will).
#2 29.1%
Multi-Party Democracy (like Lebanon before the 1975 civil war).
#3 9.3%
Fragmented Ethnic / Religious groups (like the Maronite autonomy in Lebanon and the Druze autonomy in Syria during the French mandate or a future Kurdish state).
#4 5.2%
Pan Arabism (like the Arab Leaugue or the ideology of Michel Aflak).
#5 3.8%
Muslim Theocracy (like Iran or the "Muslim Brothers").
#6 3.2%
Monarchies (like Jordan, the Emirates or Saudi Arabia).
#7 1.2%
Secularist centralized dictatorships (like Syria, Iraq under Saddam or Yemen).

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