Survey Says: Top Random RPG characters. results, Anime Survey
The top 6 Random RPG characters. results of 35 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Random RPG characters..      

#1 71.4%
Iggy Rebel: He's the insane son of Leeha Rebel and Leon Bines. Loving, cowardly and odd. He's his own half-cousin.
#2 20.0%
Pyro Rebel: The hapless brother of Leeha. He's a sweetheart, who seems to attract trouble for himself without meaning too. He's quite an accomplished coward. He has 14 children, only four are his own.
#3 5.7%
Leeha Rebel: Firey woman who likes to jump from man to man. She's very sexy and has often been called evil by men she simply lures into giving her information or money. Stupid people really bug her.
#4 2.9%
Jack Bines: Quiet Jack, he sits back and watches his family. He's also gifted with chemicals, but isn't so charming. Although he tries, and he makes up for it by being nice. His two best friends are....odd.
#5 0.0%
Leon Bines: The formerly evil rapist/murderer/sneaky/mean guy. He's been changed ever since his soul was stolen by his daughter's bestfriend, who's a demon, and got tortured for a while. He's charming, likes -everybody-, if you get my drift, and has a knack for chemicals.
#6 0.0%
Tony Bines: The youngest brother of Jack and Leon Bines. He's mean, stupid, gay, and once had his kahoonies chopped off by Leeha.

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