Survey Says: Top Which Anna Karenina character are you? results, Books Survey
The top 7 Which Anna Karenina character are you? results of 3762 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Anna Karenina character are you?.      

#1 32.9%
Kitty Alexandrovna Shcherbatskaya- Kitty goes from being a naive child who loves carelessly and flies with life, to a mature adult with a level head. She grows mentally very much, and is on the road to true wisedom.
#2 24.3%
Princess Darya Alexandrovna Oblonskaya- She is mainly concerned with her children, and is very caring and nurturing. She is close with family and is very reliable.
#3 17.7%
Constantine Dmitrich Levin- Levin lives in the country and believes in hard work. He does not understand politics and hates business. He questions God, and spends much of his time pondering life and being on his own.
#4 12.0%
Anna Karenina- sensuous and rebellious, she decieves others, and thrives on passion. Love is a main theme in your life, and you may be a tad depressed.
#5 8.3%
Alexis Alexandrovich Karenin- A politician. He is a Christian and in the end only wants to do what is right. He is depressed and feels that he has been taken advantage of in the past.
#6 3.4%
Count Vronsky- An officer who can be very misleading, he follows only his heart and lives for love. You tend to be a bit hasty in decision making.
#7 0.9%
Prince Stephen Arkadyevich Oblonsky- He has affairs and does not repent of them because he is a handsome man and is no longer in love with his wife. He spends lots of money, and defines his life based on social status, business, and politics.

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