Survey Says: Top The B.E.S.T (and only) TEEN TITANS selector . results, Comics Survey
ComicsThe top 19 The B.E.S.T (and only) TEEN TITANS selector . results of 395 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for The B.E.S.T (and only) TEEN TITANS selector ..

#1 25.1%
Raven You are a misterious and tortured person that always have somthing more in mind that you let others know.
#2 17.7%
(Joe WIlson) Jericho, You are a sensible artist and a lover of nature and quiet places, but you also have an obscure desire for power inside of you.
#3 11.1%
DIck Grayson Robin/NIghtwing, You are a leader, and an obbbessive person always trying to satisfy someone you love and trying to get his attention to see if he really cares.
#4 9.1%
Garth/ Aqualad YOu are a jovial person always ready to give a hand to your friends.
#5 8.9%
(Slace Wilson)Terminator the deathstroke, You are a difficult to deal with person, your motivations are always under suspect and even you are not sure when your doing the best for all or the best for yourself.
#6 7.3%
Princess Koyndr of Tamaran Starfire You are an innocent person but you also are impulsive and agresive if you feel youre being menaced.
#7 3.0%
Speedy(ROy) You are a person that likes justice over all things.
#8 2.3%
Beast Boy/Changeling, You are an optimistic and a joker, but you also are a person of great loyalty and a sensitive person too.
#9 2.3%
Huntress (pre-crisis) You are an old fashioned person, in a very camp way.
#10 2.0%
Lilith , you are a childish person and you dont have a clear goal in your life.
#11 1.8%
Glden Eagle you just want to be an ocassional hero, but life sometimes is a bit hard on you.
#12 1.8%
Leonid Kovar RedStar You are person that its tied to some obligations even if you would like to break free over all things in the world.
#13 1.8%
Phantasma , you are a very intelligent person and also a shy one, that would briung to life a masquerade just to stay out of the main focus.
#14 1.8%
Terra(Tara Markov) You are an influenciable persons that work hard to deffend your family and that doesnt care to break some eggs if a benefit is going to come out of it for yourself
#15 1.5%
Wildebeast , You are a freak definetly!!!
#16 1.0%
Wonder girl (Donna Troy).Youre a cool person that wants to have a normal life but you know that it cant be, anyway you never surrender your dream.
#17 0.8%
Victor Stone CYborg , You are a person filled of anger you think that even if you try your best in the end nothing will change.
#18 0.8%
Wally West Kid Flash You are the perfect hero profeesional and have trained hard to be so, by the way sometimes you act a bit inmature.
#19 0.0%
Pantha You are an excitable s" of a "2dSD and should be put to jail as soon as possible.

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