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Video GamesThe top 15 J-J-J-JET SET RADIO? Who in Tokyo-To are you? results of 1110 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for J-J-J-JET SET RADIO? Who in Tokyo-To are you?.

#1 22.7%
Combo: You're big but you're passive, and you've got a KILLER sixth sense about bad stuff happening. You wear dark colors, but you're very sociable and can easily take charge in a situation. Rap is NUMBA ONE, and everything else comes second.
#2 21.4%
Beat--Leader of the GGs, you rely heavily on your gang and trust each and every one of them. Sometimes you get in over your head, and you like to have a good time.
#3 14.1%
Garam: YOU'RE A FREAK BY NATURE. JUST LOOK AT THOSE STRANGE FLY EYES!! That aside, you're silent and don't like to speak up often. While you wear a face of ignorance, under the surface you're really not sure of your own abilities. Because of this, you rush headlong into a fight and have to get help from your friends to avoid being ten-tagged. You dress in dark colors and tend to visit Kogane often, because the sunset really makes you stand out.
#4 10.4%
Cube: You're dark and you like keeping to yourself. That's not a big deal, though, right? Blood'n guts is the ultimate form of entertainment, and you love going into a fight with fists flying and cans spraying!
#5 10.1%
Slate: You look like a goddamn Sesame Street reject, but do you care? Nahhh. You're 100% true to your own sense of style. You're pretty dependant from everyone, and a sharp wit keeps you on your toes. Above all, you like to goof off, and you have the ability to make people around you crack a smile. Just whatever you do, DON'T TAKE OFF THE RAIN JACKET.
#6 7.8%
Gum: You're arrogant and you often let your pride get in the way of how you treat your peers. You like to cause mischeif more than solve it, but you'll always be ready to help if you're needed.
#7 3.3%
Noise Tank: You're a complete nerd, but so what? Causing trouble is your goal, and if someone tries to cross you, they're GRAFFITI FODDER. Because of your intelligence, you can outpuzzle almost anything. Even though you dress brightly, the night of Benten is definetely the best place to be, making it far easier to get away with stuff! Electronica is the way to go when moving to the beats!
#8 2.9%
Piranha: Sexy and dangerously so! Getting drunk just makes it that much wilder, but you don't do it often for fear of waking up in bed with Yo-Yo. You like to be bright and flashy, so it's natural that you've made Shibuya your home from the start.
#9 2.1%
Mew: You're cute and adorable, and you don't like getting your hands dirty. You like dressing brightly, and you love attention--you'll do anything to get it, even if it means conforming.
#10 1.4%
Goji: You're pure evil and you plan to dominate the world, but you're a complete pansy and get wiped out by a single car crash! You've got no defense and rely too heavily on your mook squad to get the job done. A single tag on your bald head spells your doom!
#11 1.3%
Poison Jam: Unfortunately for you, you're a complete moron. But what you lack in intellect is made up for in brute strength and a love for anything excessively violent. What's pornography? Gimme Killer Lawnmowers from Hell any day! Oooh, a manequinn! WHO ARE YOU? WHAT'S YOUR NAME? SUPER BROTHER!!
#12 1.0%
Yo-Yo: You're the stereotypical pervert. You often find yourself looking at dirty images, and find solace in a stiff drink or a doobie. You're an annoying little gremlin that not many people like, and you hide in your hoodie when danger is afoot (or when the Poison Jam are within smelling range).
#13 0.8%
Potts: No matter what people say about your size, you're one tough son of a gun! Despite this, you don't like confrontation and tend to steer clear when the rest of the gang goes out to wreck someone else. You like to take it easy, and your superior canine senses make you the ultimate detective.
#14 0.7%
Love Shocker: Your heart got broke, so now you're gonna pay everyone back! Uki Uki Waku Waku!! You're not afraid to instigate a fight and are pretty territorial, but you never seem to catch a break. Even so, you lead your gang with pride that's been wounded many, many times over in blind hope of bringing them to victory.
#15 0.2%
Tab: Being silly is your TOP priority. Sure, you got some business to handle now and then, but you prefer eating a pizza to hunting down gangs and taking their turf. Still, you're a valuable asset to the team. Drinking is fun, and you're very extroverted.

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