Survey Says: Top What is your Illuminati University Major results, Role Playing Games Survey
Role Playing GamesThe top 8 What is your Illuminati University Major results of 101 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What is your Illuminati University Major.

#1 37.6%
C.T.H,U.L.H.U - College of Temporal Happenstance Ultimate Lies and Historical Undertakings
#2 19.8%
C.O.U.P - College of Obscure and Unhealthy Professions
#3 15.8%
College of Zen Surrealism - No one understand but everyone knows.
#4 10.9%
The Mundanes - the undeclared and non weird IOU students.
#5 5.9%
Fnord- No one knows. Nobody understands.
#6 5.0%
College of Metaphysics.
#7 4.0%
The Foosball Team- You're enrolled just to get the school sports money. You get perks, plus women.
#8 1.0%
WUSE - Weird Unusual Science and Engineering

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