Survey Says: Top Who do you resemble the most in F(x)? results, Celebrities Survey
CelebritiesThe top 5 Who do you resemble the most in F(x)? results of 2590 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Who do you resemble the most in F(x)?.      

#1 28.8%
Similar to Sulli, you are cute and friendly! You're always unique and interesting, and you are very friendly to others that you meet!
#2 23.8%
You're like Amber! You have a boyish kind of attitude and you're not afraid of what people think of you. Even if you act different or look different, you still are loved by many others!
#3 20.8%
Like Krystal, you are pretty and pure. You look to your siblings for advice and you get along great with them. You lie, wearing girly things like skirts and shorts.
#4 13.9%
Like Luna, you are mature and pretty. You've got a great voice that is strong and low, and you don't like wearing shorts and skirts, but you prefer pants because its more comfortable!
#5 12.7%
Like Victoria, you are the one who fronts your friendship group, the one who is cool and confident. You have a nice smile that greets people nicely.

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