Survey Says: Top Dick Van Dyke TV Show Character Quiz results, Television Survey
The top 11 Dick Van Dyke TV Show Character Quiz results of 542 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Dick Van Dyke TV Show Character Quiz.      

#1 41.1%
Sally Rogers - man crazy blonde coworker
#2 14.9%
Rob Petrie - funny stumbling head comedy writer
#3 10.0%
Laura Petrie - beautiful ex dancer and jealous housewife
#4 8.3%
Millie Helper - loud curious friendly neighbor
#5 7.7%
Ritchie Petrie - cute and funny scaredy cat kid
#6 7.0%
Freddy Helper - rough and ready kid next door
#7 4.2%
Buddy Sorrell - short funny jokester coworker
#8 2.4%
Mel Cooley - always the butt of the joke and assistant to Alan
#9 2.2%
Jerry Helper - know it all dentist and friendly neighbor
#10 1.8%
Alan Brady - grouchy overbearing boss
#11 0.2%
This is not an answer, I've taken some liberties with the scoring so each character has a chance

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