Survey Says: Top Are you worthy? results, Love Survey
LoveThe top 4 Are you worthy? results of 54 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Are you worthy?.

#1 37.0%
BOY NEXT DOOR Welcome to Dawson's Creek. In the ideal world I would love to fall in love with my best friend, but realiity is much more cruel. I am far to superficial. My apologizes. I need a gorgeous guy who I don't look at as a brother. But keep trying who knows what may happen. ;)
#2 37.0%
HUNK-AHOLIC Where have you been all my life baby? Is there a reason you aren't here with me right now? You better pick up the phone call me and tell me my prince charming has arrived. :)
#3 20.4%
SHY GUY You are likely my perfect match for a boyfriend, but my busy schedule and constant need for attention is just something that you are not yet able to deal with. Most likely it is a lack of experience, but for future reference know that a girl does like the little things. She also likes to be told that she is liked, missed, beautiful, etc. Until you are able to express this seek love elsewhere.
#4 5.6%
REVENGE OF THE NERD You are completely dependent on your computer. To me there is not much difference between a boy who spends hours in front of his monitor and a boy who sits there for hours in front of me not knowing what to say from lack of human interaction.

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