Survey Says: Top What type of ''Creature'' are you? results, Fauna Survey
The top 10 What type of ''Creature'' are you? results of 25 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What type of ''Creature'' are you?.      

#1 80.0%
A squeaker- quite small
#2 16.0%
A squash- squishey squash squash
#3 4.0%
A mew- mew
#4 0.0%
A flutterby- precious
#5 0.0%
A jelly tot- eep!
#6 0.0%
A muppet- self-explanitory
#7 0.0%
A peep- mainly human
#8 0.0%
A podge- small cute and wee
#9 0.0%
A puggle- huggable
#10 0.0%
A slut- a slut

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