Survey Says: Top Which Baldur's Gate Character Are You? results, Games & Toys Survey
Games & ToysThe top 7 Which Baldur's Gate Character Are You? results of 2189 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Baldur's Gate Character Are You?.

#1 35.4%
You are Boo! A very small rodent that Minsc owns!
#2 28.2%
You are Imoen! A fun loving, immature girl!
#3 11.9%
You are Edwin! An evil, cocky little bastard who talks to himself!
#4 10.1%
You are Montaron! A Chaotic, Evil bastard!
#5 7.1%
You are Minsc! An insane, bulky man with a hamster!
#6 5.3%
You are Xzar! An insane, mage, bastard!
#7 2.1%
You are Khalid! A stuttering, goody two shoes

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