Survey Says: Top Ayla's Kiss Kiss Listy results, Weird Survey
The top 7 Ayla's Kiss Kiss Listy results of 40 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Ayla's Kiss Kiss Listy.      

#1 50.0%
Gollum= She likes 'em as shrivelled old hobbits.
#2 17.5%
Boromir: Lhao
#3 10.0%
Legolas: Tannii: ~hisses~ Back Off Barbie!
#4 10.0%
Urakihai Solider: Ayla Rawr
#5 7.5%
Tim: 'Nuff sed!
#6 2.5%
Aragorn: (8)He was a strider boi!(8)
#7 2.5%
Urakihai Leader: Ayla: Rawrrrrrrrrr

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