Survey Says: Top Sonic and Mario character test results, Games & Toys Survey
Games & ToysThe top 25 Sonic and Mario character test results of 238 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Sonic and Mario character test.      

#1 33.6%
Amy - You always want to go to the most prettiest, most wonderfull place their is. You may be sweet but you can loose your temper easily.
#2 20.6%
Sonic - You like exploring new places and running around them. You cant swim well butt your very brave
#3 9.2%
Baby Mario - You love to adventure even though your yung. You like having fun but if somthing bad happens, you cry.
#4 6.3%
Charmy - You are a very loyal scout and you always do what your leader does.
#5 6.3%
Tails - You now how to piolot and you probally a stright A student. You know alot about mechanics and what does what.
#6 4.6%
Cream - You love animals and taking care of them. You also get along with them and consider them a friend, not a pet
#7 2.9%
Bowser JR - You are very goulible and get tricked by the elder alot. People think you are cute but act bad.
#8 2.9%
Toad - You love helping other people by being their servent. You get afraid easily and cry when somthing dosent go right but you love serving people.
#9 2.5%
Daisy - Your are one of those ethletic girls who like teasing bad guys. You love playing sports whith your friends too.
#10 2.5%
Luigi - You are a MEGA COWARD, but you still never quit on anything (even if your scared half to death)
#11 2.1%
Prince Wart - You love eating food more then anyone. You arent nervous ever to hurt some one and you never fell sorry when somting bad happens.
#12 1.3%
Espio - Your temper is so short, just tripping can get you angrey. You like being alone instead of with other people.
#13 1.3%
Peach - You are always calling on someone you know to help you when your in danger and love alot of sports. You like golfing, Go-Karting and playing tennis whith your best friend.
#14 0.8%
Eggman - You are so smart but you want to everything to look like you. You may be fat but your inventions arent.
#15 0.8%
Mario - You are always there to help someone or somthing and you never quit on anything. You are fat but very energetic and brave
#16 0.8%
Professer E Gadd - You always want someone to try out your inventions to make sure it works and if it does you are very happy. You are very smart and you give your inventions to someone who needs to use them and also give them tips now and then.
#17 0.8%
Rouge - All you want are gems, emralds, topazs, saphires and any other crystal. You are greedy and only help people so you can get your hands on some gems.
#18 0.4%
Vector - You love music, but money even more. You would do anything just for money.
#19 0.0%
Boo - You love sneaking around and suprising anyone you see. You love scaring people more then anything.
#20 0.0%
Bowser - All you want to do is become king of anything you see. You also lye to some yonger then you so they will do somthing bad.
#21 0.0%
Bukkon - You are like a miny mail man and laugh when somthing bad happens to someone.
#22 0.0%
King Boom Boo - All you like to do is prank any one you see. Then when they get pranked you laugh very hard.
#23 0.0%
Knuckles - You may be short tempered but you will help any one in truble. You dont really laugh at jokes and you have no weakness
#24 0.0%
Waluigi - You are super tall and tease your enemy if their too small. You hate it so bad when you lose but go crazy when you win.
#25 0.0%
Wario - You want everything their is and if you dont getsomthing you want, people should be more afraid then death.

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