Survey Says: Top Which expression of love is right for you? results, Love Survey
LoveThe top 5 Which expression of love is right for you? results of 55371 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which expression of love is right for you?.      

#1 43.6%
Favors and chores -- You prefer to show your love by doing things for others. You resent and feel unappreciated when your efforts are taken for granted.
#2 30.6%
Time together -- This can be expressed either through those intimate discussions or by spending time together.
#3 17.7%
Intimacy -- You want to give and/or receive affection physically. This may or may not center on sex.
#4 4.6%
Testimony of love -- Praise tells you that you are loved. You may like to express your affection verbally. Negative comments cut right to the bone. You want to hear that you're loved and how much and why.
#5 3.5%
Presents and tokens -- These objects of affection move you. It's the fact that someone is thinking about you enough to give you something that moves you. The objects are of secondary importance to the relationship and sentiment with which they were intended.

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