Survey Says: Top What color Yoshi are you? Fruit Quiz! results, Games & Toys Survey
Games & ToysThe top 11 What color Yoshi are you? Fruit Quiz! results of 600 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What color Yoshi are you? Fruit Quiz!.

#1 24.2%
Pink Yoshi!! You like a variety of sweet fruits including apples, coconuts, and bananas. You love to run, but you are not considered the leader type.
#2 22.0%
Yellow Yoshi!! You loooooooove food but you prefer bananas as a fruit. You are lazy and you love to sleep, but you are considered a hero in some aspects.
#3 13.8%
Blue Yoshi!! A lover of grapes, a hater of peppers, you take on a challenge head on. You will not back out of a fight.
#4 10.3%
Black Yoshi!! You like all fruit, even peppers, with a powerful hit. You are destructive (in a good way) and have a deep pitched voice.
#5 8.5%
White Yoshi!! You are very bright and cheery. You're happy-go-lucky with an apetite to match, considering you like all fruit. You also have a high voice to boot.
#6 7.5%
Brown Yoshi!! Not much is known about you. You don't make too many appearances and are considere neutral when it comes to fruit.
#7 7.0%
Green Yoshi!! You like watermelons and considered to be a leader. You hate spicy and/or tough fruits.
#8 3.0%
Lightblue Yoshi!! A lover of grapes you are descent.
#9 2.8%
Orange Yoshi!! Alls that can be said of you is you love citrus fruit like papaya and pineapples.
#10 0.7%
Red Yoshi!! The understudy (in a good way), you like apples, but dislike spicy fruit.
#11 0.2%
Purple Yoshi!! You are consideredto be a dare devil food taster, willing to try the toughest, or spiciest fruit.

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