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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "what job fits you!" by Federico.

Choose from this list:

Squire-a common swordsmen

Chemist-specialize in items

Knight-master swordsmen

Archer-specialize in long range battle

Monk-a fist fighter,NO weapons

Priest-specialize in white magic

Wizard-specialize in black magic

Time mage-specialize in time magic

summon-specialize in summoning monsters

Thief-steals equipment and confuse enemies

Mediator-a fighter that also specialize in conversation

Oracle-specialize in status effects such as poisoning

Geomancer-specialize in elemental powers depending on where you are/if in water you can only use water ability

Mime-copies others abilites

Lancer-a spear wielding worrior who specialize in defense

Samurai-a powerful worrior who wields thin swords from a distant land

Ninja-a fighter who specialize in speed daggers

Calculater-a person who wields extreem intelligence

Bard-a magical singer that sings to purify or designate allies or enemies

Dancer-a worrior that depends a footwork and confuse or distract the enemy with magical dances.PS:can also attack with knife or cloth


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