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graphRole Playing GamesRole Playing Games Poll: What 'Angelyn' Character Class are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What 'Angelyn' Character Class are you?" by weeeiamspecial.

Choose from this list:

Angel Assassin

Angel Healer/Exorcist

Angel Warrior

Angel Sorcerer

Angel Gatekeeper

Angel Gaurdian

Demon Assassin

Demon Healer/Exorcist

Demon Warrior

Demon Sorcerer

Demon Gatekeeper

Demon Gaurdian

Purgatorial Assassin

Purgatorial Healer/Exorcist

Purgatorial Warrior

Purgatorial Sorcerer

Purgatorial Gatekeeper

Purgatorial Gaurdian

Vampire Assassin

Vampire Healer/Exorcist

Vampire Warrior

Vampire Sorcerer

Vampire Gatekeeper

Vampire Gaurdian


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