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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What video game hero are you" by Dallas Peterson.

Choose from this list:

Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Link (The Legend of Zelda)



Megaman X

Zero (Megaman X)

Ryu (Breath of Fire)

Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden/Dead or Alive)

Knuckles (Sonic and Knuckles/Knuckles chaotix)

Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Espio (Knuckles Chaotix)

Mighty (Knuckles Chaotix)

Felix (Golden Sun)

Isaac (Golden Sun)

Cloud (Final Fantasy 7)

Barret (Final Fantasy 7)



Geno( Mario (Legend of the Seven Stars)

Mallow (Legend of the Seven Stars)

Eliwood (Fire Emblem)

Hector (Fire Emblem)

Lyn (Fire Emblem)


Vector (Knuckles chaotix)


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