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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Suikoden Star of Destiny Selector" by Blue Star Hand.

Choose from this list:

Tenkai - Chief Star of Heaven - Hero1, Hero2, Thomas - Young hero of the series.
Tengou - Star of Conflagration - Lepant, Ridley, Sarasai - Person of authority, a natural leader
Tenki - Star of Intelligence - Mathiu, Shu, Caesar - Strategist, a very smart person
Tenkan - Star of Idleness - Luc - A Pure Magician person
Tenkou - Clever Star - Eileen, Chaco, Dios - Lackey to the Tengou Star, a very loyal friend
Tenman - Star of Abundance - Cleo, Juan - Magic-Oriented companion of the Hero
Tentai - Retreating Star - Pahn, Cecile - Physical-Oriented comapnion of the Hero. Usually a Martial Artist
Tenku - Empty Star - Kreutz, Jess, Fubar - A fast fighting character, a vanguard
Tenkyu - Lewd Star - Milich, Anita, Estella - Strong magician an eccentric
Tenko - Lone Star - Viktor, Sgt. Joe - A strong, loud popular character who speaks his mind
Tenrou - Gaol (Jail) Star - Hix, Franz - Man in the Tenrou/Tensui relationship. Usually shy
Tensui - Intelligent Star - Tengaar, Iku - Woman in Tenrou/Tensui relationship. Magic person
Tensoku - Speedy Star - Stallion, Nash - very fast character, usually acts as a scout
Tensatsu - Murderous Star - Fu Su Lu, Hanna, Hallec - Very Strong fighter, very loud
Chikai - Chief Star of Earth - Leon, Klaus, Albert - Strategist from the opposition, very cunning
Chikyu - Star of Intelligence - Kasumi, Lilly - woman fighter, quite fast
Chiyu - Heroic Star - Eikei, Wakaba, Shabon - Martial Artist star
Chiaku - Ronnie, Oulan, Emily - Martial Artist women, very tomboyish and Strong
Chizen - Crowley, Mazus, Sarah - Pure magician, has a little bit of evil
Chiketsu - Star of Noble Wisdom - Jeane - Popular attractive magician woman
Chibin - Quick Star - Viki - Popular attractive magician woman
Chiin - Hidden Star - Mina, Karen, Roland - Usually a dancer
Chiki - Strange Star - Grenseal, Camus, Percival - Magical Knight paired with Chimou. A flirt
Chimou - Ferocious Star - Alen, Miklotov, Borus - Physical knight paired with Chiki. A Hothead
Tenyu - Star of Bravery - Humphrey, Dupa - A slow but very strong fighter, a powerhouse


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