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graphLoveLove Poll: Which female cartoon sex bomb are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which female cartoon sex bomb are you?" by Itzybitzyspider.

Choose from this list:

Jessica Rabbit (Who framed Roger Rabbit)

Lola Bunny (Space Jam)

Daphne Blake (Scooby Doo)

Shego (Kim Possible)

Mrs. Bellum (Powerpuff Girls)

Starfire (Teen Titans)

Hello Nurse (Animaniacs)

Brittany Miller (Alvin and the Chipmunks)

Black Widow (The Avengers)

Supergirl (Superman the animated series)

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

Catwoman (Batman the animated series)

Elastigirl/mrs. Incredible (The Incredibles)

Lois Griffin (Family Guy)

Francine Smith (American Dad)

Turanga Leela (Futurama)

Wonder Woman (Justice League)

Kim Possible (Kim Possible)

Smurfette (The Smurfs)

April O'Neal (TMNT)

Betty Boop (Dizzy Dishes)

Poison Ivy (Batman the animated series)

Josie (Josie and the pussycats)

Princess Jasmine (Aladdin)

Lana Kane (Archer)


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