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graphComicsComics Poll: Rune Guide
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Rune Guide" by Asidian.

Choose from this list:

os, Rune
beorc, Rune
daeg, Rune
eh, Rune
feoh, Rune
haegl, Rune
is, Rune
ger, Rune
ken, Rune
lagu, Rune
man, Rune
nyd, Rune
ethel, Rune
peord, Rune
rad, Rune
sigel, Rune
tyr, Rune
ur, Rune
wyn, Rune
eolh, Rune
eoh, Rune
ing, Rune
thorn, Rune


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