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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Ocarina of Time Character are You?" by Zelda, the Princess of Destiny.

Choose from this list:

Link - the hero! You'll risk life and limb for what you believes in, are straightforward, don't mind helping former rivals and accept your fate.

Zelda - the lovely princess. You want to prevent bad things before they happen, accept responsibility and the fact you can't always be with the person you want to.

Navi - Link's faithful fairy companion. You often give good, easy to understand advice but sometimes you can be bossy.

Saria - Link's friend and Sage of the Forest. You're sweet, innocent, and you know when to let go.

Kepora Gebora - a reincarnated Sage. You give encouragement and advice where it's needed and watch over others, even if they can't see you.

Impa - Zelda's protector and Sage of Shadow. You're a protector and willing to risk it all for the greater good.

Malon - the pretty little milk maid. You are sweet, giggly and always look on the bright side of things.

Darunia - leader of the Goron people and Sage of Fire. You're a protector with a hot temper but a fierce love of your kin.

Ruto - the Princess of the Zoras and Sage of Water. You often hide your true feelings and like to be the dominant partner in relationships, but you have a soft spot for those you love.

Nabooru - leader of the Gerudos and Sage of Spirit. You don't mind lying to get what you want, but when someone is doing great wrong, you want to stop it.

Rauru - Sage of Light. You're wise and try to help people just setting out on something new.

Ganondorf - the villain. You lie to get what you want, enjoy other's pain and will go to any lengths to get what you want.

Sheik - a mysterious figure. You help people but you like to use riddles.

King Zora - Ruto's father. You're a little clueless about family matters but your priorities are right.

Mido - leader of the Deku people. Bossy and sometimes a bully, but you have a soft spot and later regret wrongdoing

Great Deku Tree - a wise old prophet. You help others as much as you can and understand the past and future consequences great deal.

Talon - Malon's father. A bit naive, a bit clueless, lazy, but altogether quite loveable.

Dark Link - You have a alter ego not many people know about and will fight to the death.


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