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graphPersonalityPersonality Poll: Which American Girl Doll Are You?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which American Girl Doll Are You?" by Mirage of the Incredibles.

Choose from this list:

Kaya- -You are an Nez Pierce Indian girl from 1764. You are a caring friend, but make some fatal mistakes.

Felicity- -You are a colonial girl of 1774, torn between loyalties, and you have plenty of spirit. (A long time favourite of mine!)

You are Josefina- -(So am I!) A New Mexican girl of 1824, full of hope and heart- -though things will never be the same, perhaps a new and better future *does* await.

Kristen- -oooh, this is a bit tragic. You're a Swedish immigrant from 1854 who lost her best friend (to death!) and her home.

Addy- -You are an escaped slave from 1864 searching for your family and trying to keep friends.

Samantha- -You're an (lucky) orphan trying to start a new family as you reach out toward your friends in the fast-changing 1904.

Kit- -It's 1934, and the Great Depression has just struck your family. It's up to a curious soul like you to fix things the best you can for those around.

Molly- -During WWII (1944 to be exact), you wish for things to be the same as they were before your dad left for the war, and your jerk of a brother to leave you alone!


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