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graphFriends & RoommatesFriends & Roommates Poll: Which of me friends r u?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which of me friends r u?" by James Lemmy.

Choose from this list:

James Le Maitre: U r always wanting to make new friends! Ur generally friendly.
Jonny Ferry: You are a great friend to be around and you are best at being hyper.
Sam Edwards: You always take the blame for other people. U r constantly funny and great to be around.
Eti Albin: You always know what you are doing. Somehow your way always works. You are seriously clever.
Emma Mallon: You are someone good to tell secrets to.
Claire Bichard: You tend to cheer people up, and make them feel better again.
Sophie Skillet: You are very friendly and tend to be in the middle of the conversation.
John Fernandez: You are always happy. You are always making the good things come out of situations. You are annoying as hell.
Tom Russell: You are always with somebody. You get on with anybody and everybody.
Robbie Le Messurier: You laugh at peoples misfortune repeatedly. But you can talk to him about anything you want really.
Chris Ferry: You are always funny. Claire is always poking you in the face. .
Andy Antill: You are small but stand ur ground. Untill Eti Picks you up. You seem to have a slave around you at all times.
Mog Clark: You are always hyper around anybody even if you dont know who they are.
Emy Jaques: Youre friendly to everyone. You always put your frends before yourself.
Joe Le Page: You dont take crap from anyone. You seem very quiet.


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