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Weird Poll: Which rated x character are you? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
graphWeirdWeird Poll: Which rated x character are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which rated x character are you?" by william.

Choose from this list:

Zack- You are feared and for a good reason you are tough and fearless
Preston- you are tough and strong you are a good fighter and lie alot
Chris- You are an ok fighter sorta tough but you steal all the time so watch for the cops
Shara- you like to eat alot and draw alot but when you arent mad at people you are a good person
T-You are a true daredevil
Elizabeth- You are a poser somedays you want to be a goth the next day you wanna be a prep so just make up your mind you are very shallow


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