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graphHumorHumor Poll: What would your life be rated?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What would your life be rated?" by BludShed.

Choose from this list:

NR/Not-rated: Either get a life, or you're too boring, or just very odd

G/General Audiences: Either you are a kid, or you're a childish grown up

PG/Parental Guidance: You're probably a teen, if not, then you're just starting to experience the things in life

PG-13: Welcome to the world, this is pretty normal right here

R/Restricted: Typical adult life *Shrugs*

X/Adult/Porn: ....wear a condom

NC-17: This is bad, because if you got this, then it probably means you'd hurt or rape me for saying anything bad here.. uhm.. hi! *Waves*

You're insane: If you got this, you should be either dead, or in jail, waiting to be killed


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