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graphHorrorHorror Poll: What fictional vampire would you be?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What fictional vampire would you be?" by Michael.

Choose from this list:

Julian Luna: Ventrue Prince From Kindred The Embraced. Still In Love WIth Your Mortal Coil. You Don't Take Life Needlessly, But Your No Pussy Either
Dracula: Powerful, Smart, Sexy And Ruthless. Weither Its Love Or A New Place To Live...If You Want It, Your Will Be Done.
Lestat: Brat Prince. You Know What You Are Better Then Anyone Else And Are Better At It Then Anyone Else.
Louis: Tragic Hero. Your Life Is A Curse And You SHare Your Curse With Everyone You Come In Contact With. You Long For One Moments Peace.
Decon Frost: Mortals Are Food. Nothing More. You Are Fit To Rule. Sneaky, Underhanded, Ruthless. Whatever Works.
Radu From Subspecies: You Live For Death. The Death Of Innocents Is A Sweet Wine You Sample Every Night. Woe To Those Who Cross Your Path.
Alucard From Castlevaina: Elegent, Powerful, Beautiful, And Peaeful. Your Not Above Kicking Some Serious Ass For The Right Reasons. Will You Ever Step Out Of Your Fathers Shadow?
Selene From Underworld: Simpley Put: Your Mess With Me Or My Friends Your Ass Is Dusted.
Claudia: Innocent, Sweet Looking, But Beneath That Lies The Heart And Soul Of A Monster.
David From The Lost Boys: Leader Of The Pack, Bad Ass And Won't Let Anything Stop Your Fun.
Carmilla: Enchanting Beauitful And Cold.
Mina Harker: Smart And Sexy, However If Emotions Are Toyed With, You Will be Showed More Then A Painting. (See LXG)
Jessie: New To The World OF Darkness. Egar To Learn And Does What She Has To.


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