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graphComicsComics Poll: Can't Sleep Con Will Eat Me Character Selector
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Can't Sleep Con Will Eat Me Character Selector" by Schilling.

Choose from this list:

Genghis - The bitterest man in the uiversity, Genghis is a devotee of the age-old art of spreading chaos whereever possible, making him the perfect Con Ops officer.
Jason - Jason is a prototypical Nice Guy(TM), who tends to get the short end of the stick because he doesn't speak up much, although he's friendly and easy to get along with. His stress level is rising exponentially, though, not least due to Genghis' grooming him to take over Con Ops.
Beecher - Not the most stable guy in the university, Beecher's main goal in life is to have fun and convince the women he's not as psycho as the rumors say. He's a good man to have on your side in a pinch, which is why he's so good at Con Security.
Trebuchet - The current Con Director, Trebuchet would really like to get back to her normal life of Poli Sci classes and men. Friendly and outgoing, she's well-liked, though with a tendency to denial about things she doesn't want to deal with.
Tesla - She tends to be quiet and unobtrusive, but as a radio geek - ham and otherwise - she's always listening and knows what's going on.
Murgatroyd - Murg's life is music, to the exclusion of much else, including most other people, so it's a bit odd that Murg ended up as Guest Liaison. A talented and creative composer, Murg will probably go far.
LRG (Little Redheaded Girl) - LRG is one of the perkier members of the con crew. She tends to be overlooked, but is a good and loyal friend, and is performing her con duties as Assistant Dealer's Room Director with aplomb..
Elder God - The Elder God sees all, knows all, hears all. He's a former Con Director that likes to visit MurphyCon and dipense adice and wisdom when it's needed.
Snack - Her main drive in life is to achieve the unattainable, hence her apparent obsession with dating Genghis. She's fairly good as an Art Show worker, because she can get along with high-strung creative types, being one herself.
Termite - Termite sees herself as a breath of reason in an insane world. She's a bit more mundane that your average MurphyCon worker, but that's due to rebelling against her unconventionally liberal and laid-back family.
Mr. Feldman - Mr. Feldman often feels that he's in a bit over his head with the MurphyCon crew as their advisor, but he's a good guy at heart. It will just take him relaxing a bit and trusting the guys to know what they're doing, while at the ame time offering them a bit of responsibility and guidance.


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