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graphAnimeAnime Poll: Which Black Heart Character are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Black Heart Character are you?" by Christian.

Choose from this list:

Brian Johnson (Main Character. Leader of War tactics and weapons)
Sylvia Newhope (Slayer of the West Patrol)
Lamak Johnson (Leader of west clan of vampires. Brother of Brian Jonson)
Robin West (Vampire. Brian's Love)
Demone Newhope (Leader of the slayers. Sylvia's Mother)
Artemis Windum (Vampire warrior of The Northern Clan. Old Friend of Brian)
Zach Jackson (Friend of Brian)
Semet (Caretaker or Brian. Thought to be dead)
Attionete Marie Johnson (Queen of the western clan. Mother of Brain and Lamak)
Malagi Johnson (King of the Western Clan. Father of Brian and Lamak)
Lukar (Lord of all vampires)


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