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graphComicsComics Poll: bishie selectr 3000
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "bishie selectr 3000" by collie-chan.

Choose from this list:

heero (gundam wing)
duo (gundam wing)
wufei (gundam wing)
quatre (gundam wing)
trowa (gundam wing
li (card captor sakura)
touya (card captor sakura)
yukito (card captor sakura)
yue (card captor sakura)
eriol (card captor sakura)
shiro (08 Ms team)
access (kamikaze kaitou jeanne)
chiaki (kamikaze kaitou jeanne)
ken (weiss kreuz)
omi (weiss kreuz)
yoji (weiss kreuz)
aya (weiss kreuz)
ferio (magic knight rayearth)
lantis (magic knight rayearth)
eagle (magic knight rayearth)
zagato (magic knight rayearth)
gene (outlaw star)
jim (outlaw star)
kamui (x)


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