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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Aliens Vs Predator Comic Character Selector" by Toddrme.

Choose from this list:

Machiko Noguchi: After everyone you care about is destroyed on Ryushi, you choose to join the predators. But no human can live in their culture. You eventually are forced to decide between humanity and predators.
Hiroki: You were in charge of Ryushi until Noguchi came along, you dont hold her taking your position personally.
Lt Ellen Ripley: After being killed, the governemnt brings you back and gives you traits of the creatures you despice, the aliens. After destroying what you though was the last of aliens, you learn that the government is trying to mkae an alien hybrid super soldier. When you go after it, you find that a terminator had created a new super-terminator. You team up with the predators to destroy it before it multiplies, but even they might not be powerful enough.
Annalee Call: After saving the cloned Ripley, you organize the mission that discovers the terminators. The fact that you are an android allows you to access a terminator's memory to discover that there is a new class of super-terminator, but after that you take a back seat to Ripley.
Becka McBride: A fearless reporter, you are investigating the death of you cameraman when you are kidnapped by Gideon Lee, who wants you to write his memoirs, after you accompany him on a hunt to kill predators.
Gideon Lee: You are an 800 year old snake-oil salesman. You eat predator hearts to keep you from dying, hiring out killers to bring them back to you. You are also the richest man in the world, making a profit out of the technologies stolen from a wrecked predator craft.
Cabot: An assasin hired by Lee to bring back a predator heart. You are the best in your trade and will do anything to guarentee you get paid.
Caryn Delacroix/Ash Parnal: The trophy wife of Mr Delacroix. You are actaully an centuries-old warrior named Ash Parnall, who is kepy alive by the supercomputer Toy for unkown reasons. You still have all the skills taught to you by the UMCMC and Big Mamma, a femal predator, and you will need them to keep alive in a series of events that are quickly spiraling out of control.
Mr Delacroix: One of the richest men in post-Alien earth, you are really just a puppet controlled by the supercomputer Toy.
Toy: a massive supercomputer designed by Ash Parnall. You are being abused thanks to loopholes in your programming, and if you are not stopped you will wipe out mankind.
Ellis: A skilled but young technician, you were assigned to a berskerker unit to take care of MAX, a giant, unstoppable armor suit with a human inside. You are sent on a dangerous mission, and when MAX dies you climb in, with the side effect of slwoly going insane. You barely survive, and make it to Bunda. While being interrogated by company officials, predators attack the colony and you are forced to team up with Noguchi to escape the planet alive, and to do that you need to get back into MAX.
Witchblade: A police officer, you inherited the ancient power of the witchblade. In some of your most dangerous battles, you are forced to team up with The Darkness to fight off aliens and predators on earth, and you learn some startling things about the power you posses from the predators.
The Darkness: An assasin, you have the ancient power of The Darkness. You must use this power to fight off aliens and predators.
Dachande: probably the greatest predator ever, you are the only one who has ever defeated an alien while unarmed. When you lead a group of unblooded predator to the classic hunting ground, Ryushi, for a controlled alien hunt, you do not anticipate that humans have colonized the harsh planet. WHen your ship is destroyed you are put into a coma and those under you run wild, breaking all the rules of hunting. When you awaken you team up with a few remaining humans to destroy the aliens and the rogue predators.
Topknot: One of the greater predator warriors of your time, you agreed to take Noguchi along with you since Dachande seemed to hold her in such high regard. You dont really like her because she is an ooman, but you are forced to accept her to an extent because she is a marvelous warrior, and can beat predators much larger than her.
Big Mamma: A femal predator. You took Ash Parnall under your wing because you knew she would help you get your kids back. After her disappearence, you spend centuries looking for her until you finally find her, in the form of Caryn Delacroix. You must work together, along with some other humans, to stop the deranged Toy from destroying all life in the galaxy.
Shorty: a rather short predator, you are the butt of all the other unblooded's jokes. Not very skilled at fighting, you take your frustration out on Noguchi. She teaches you a lesson a lot, but you never learn and you end up paying for that.


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