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graphPetsPets Poll: Which is your PET PERSONA DUDE?!
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which is your PET PERSONA DUDE?!" by AgentChimaera.

Choose from this list:

Angel, the pyromaniacal Godfather(Godmother?) of the cats

Rose, the spinning disco ball and strobe light of the cats.

Charlie, the box-obsessed drink-spiker of the cats.

Samantha, the mild-mannered drink-ladeler of the dogs.

Cheyenne, the psychotic druggie snack-provider of the dogs.

Snuggles, the completely irrelevant stuffed bear who happens to be an evil incarnate.

Theo, the violent ticket-selling thug of the cats.

Kemo, the demonically anorexic hunter of possible satanic sacrifices! of the cats.

Dillinger, the tone-deaf DJ of the ... bird.


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