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graphHumorHumor Poll: Which animal and animal sound are you like?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which animal and animal sound are you like?" by alles_klaus.

Choose from this list:

Guppy, the Bloobby - *bloob* - Man, you are boooring!

Anders, the square-faced cow - *mooh* - You're a bit slow but, hey, you're stylish!

Harriet, the canary - *chirp* - Hyperactivity, your name is Harriet!

Amygdala, the goose - *schnatter* - You're not the smartest crayon in the box, are ya?

Potzblitz, the dog - *woof* - Get a grip, you're not Spiderman!

Geezer, the pig - *oink* - You're a neverending smile!

Adonis, the cock - *cockle-doodle-doo* - Stop dieting, you'll never get to Hollywood!

Klaus, the sloth - *zzzzz* - You're the most energetic smurf of all!

Humphrey, the owl - *uhuu* - It was late last night, wasn't it?

Alberta, the bat - *feeeep* - It's not a plane, it's not a bird - it's the tiniest fake batgirl ever seen!


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