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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "War Of The Games:The Anime/Comic" by Jeremie Caisse.

Choose from this list:

"Orion"(good):He is the hero of the story,he is a excellent fighter and spellcaster,is sense of justice is extremely high.Is Power are amazing and he swear he will kill is long time enemy-rival Killer

"J.S" (good):No one knows is real name.He is a gun user,he prefer the rocket launcher,is aim is legendary.He is with Orion since the beginning

"Aeris"(good):straight from final fantasy 7 aeris is crazy about orion after he save her from sephiroth.her healing power make useful and later she learn how to cast powerful spell and to use a sword.she join Orion the second time she meet him

"Agrias"(good):straight from final fantasy tactic agrias is saved by orion and get a crush on him too.She use powerful sword attack.She decide to join orion later.

"Doctor Doom"(evil):A new vilain,doctor doom wear a wierd yellow suit with a skull drawn on it.He is the elemental master and create the element crystal but is destroyed by orion and is ally

"Darkness"(evil):He appear when Orion and Agrias fight killer,he kidnap agrias and they have a long fight.Darkness doesn't have any real form except he can take any kind of form

"Fleo"(evil): The master of death,fleo is a half-demon-dragon,is powerful is extremely high and he proved to be one of orion worst enemy

"Draco"(evil):he is the half-brother of fleo,but is a little weaker

"Sephiroth"(evil):straight from final fantasy 7 sephiroth tries to kill aeris but orion appear and bring him to an end is reign of terror

"Killer"(evil):Orion ultimate enemy,no matter how much time he get killed he will come back again.Killar is the champion of hell and have hundred of allies ready to stop orion mission to bring justice and peace


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