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graphAnimeAnime Poll: What Kind of Heart Do You Have
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What Kind of Heart Do You Have" by Jacqueline.

Choose from this list:

You have a fire heart. You like hot, buring things and you have an additude.
You have an ice heart and you like cold temperatures and clam people.
You have a wet heart and you like to swim. You are a playful person and you are sometimes very funny.
You have a metal heart and you like cold, hard things. You like rock music and have a cool lifestyle.
You have an earth heart and you like nature. You love animals and want to protect the earth.
You have a love heart and you care alot about your family. You are very sensitive but very cute and sweet.
You have an evil heart. You like to destroy things and you're not very nice.
You have a undead heart. You'regothic and kinda depressed, and you don't have very many friends.
You have a light heart. You are kind and warm and like to help others.
You have an air heart. ou're light and breezy and have an easy going additude.


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