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graphComicsComics Poll: What DragonBall E Character are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What DragonBall E Character are you?" by Austin.

Choose from this list:

Austin-You act silly to throw off your friends and enemies, and you tend to keep things to yourself in an effort to protect those around you. With as emotionaly withdrawn as you are, you're still a fun guy.
James- Tough when you need to be! Someone pushes you too far and there will be heck to pay. Your only real problem with this is the fact that your temper is shorter than the attention span of a peanut.
Jessica- You've got a bit of an evil streak, but you know it's wrong and do your best to redeem bad deeds. Other than the occasional backstab incident (which you apologize for a thousand times over afterwards) you're a very good friend, and always fun to have around.
Ned- You're the smart one! You've got A's in all subjects and your friends rely on you to use that strength. You tend to think everything through logically before taking action, but when you're pushed to the point you can't handle anymore, you've got some booty-kicking monster machines in your arsenal to make sure the school bully gets the idea the FIRST time.
Caroline- You're shy, but you know how to get around it. You like to read (when the subject intrests you), and you like to try things others would consider very dangerous. This gets you in trouble sometimes, but you never mean any real harm to anyone.
Skotte- You are always looking to improve yourself. You're out for the challenge, and if that's not good enough you'll find one that is! You do have a problem with dragging others into this endevour though.
BobBay- You're power hungry and are on a constant quest for conquest. If there's an area you're not perfect in you will do you hardest to make it that way. However, you're not insane. You know when you're beat and if you simply cannot get a hold on it, you'll give up and move on.
Nightmarian- You're utterly insane! You're one purpose on Earth is to cause chaos, and you like it that way! You are the one reason why no one messes with the crazies.
Mitch/Butch- You may not be very strong or incredibly smart, but you are VERY loyal and trusting! No matter what, you'll do what your friends/boss/other tell you to, no questions asked. This would make you a good friend if you weren't constantly ordered to beat people up.
Stephanie- You're a crazy, omnipotent catgirl! Mischeif is your forte, but you know when to draw the line. You're very friendly, but practical jokes keep you from being a "best friend".
Crystal- You're withdrawn, always keeping to yourself. Given the choice, you'd rather sit in a corner and be alone than go hang out with the crowd. However, once someone gets to know you, you're very friendly with them.
Juagra, the Clown God- You're the king of comedy! No matter who's around you can make them laugh! You're also a camera-hog and a showoff but we still love you! n.n
Thanatos, God of Darkness- You're the meanest of the mean! You're EVIL! You're just the most despicable person alive! Your idea of a good time is sitting around being angry at everyone then making some creature go rip their heads off! To top that, you destroy their stuff and in its place make your own! HOW COULD YOU?!
Korinasta, Goddess of Light- You're the nicest person known to man! You're always there for your friends with a warm smile and a cheery demeanor. You can make friends with anybody, and that's the truth.
Christina- You're the very model of a modern mom! You know what's going around you no matter what!! You like to read because for some strange reason it enhances your incredibly scary ability to know what all your children are doing at any given time o.o!
Robert- You're the ultimate cool dad. Nothing is more important than family to you, and you'll set aside your everyday life to be with them. You're also possibly the most popular police officer known to man! GO YOU!
Ashley- You're possibly the most energetic person on earth! They should consider you for some kind of car battery....
Steven- You're just like that one kid off the Wild Thornberrys. You're a nutter, but everyone can't help but love you. You're filled with energy and you continue to stun the people around you with things that no one thought you could do!
Aramos, God of War- You're scary looking, but you wouldn't hurt anyone with unjust cause. However, once you're bored...well...wars break out!
Dragoon, God of Mythology- If there's a story about it, you know it! No one knows about ancient creatures more than you, and that makes you a formidable DEBATE TEAM OPPONENT!!
Night Shade- You're part robot after an explosion,and that pisses you off!! You want to see some major punishment and you have the artillery to do it!
Kelly- You're fun, your energetic, and you live to please. However, you do tend to sneak up and hug people from behind, scaring the bah-jeezus out of everyone. May want to show your affection in a more appropriate way...


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