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MoviesWhat X-Men film is your favorite?Movies
ComicsWhat is your favorite comic book film of all time?Comics
SportsWhat year was your favorite year for NASCAR?Sports
LoveWhat woman wants you?Love
SportsWhat MLB Team should you root for?Sports
EntertainmentWhat year do you belong in?Entertainment
Food & BeveragesWhat is your favorite restaurant?Food & Beverages
Harry PotterWhat Harry Potter character are you?Harry Potter
EntertainmentWhat year was the best year of your life?Entertainment
Video GamesWhat Navi Would You Be?Video Games
Video GamesWhich Megaman Are You?Video Games
Video GamesWhich Epilogue Character Are You Most Like?Video Games
MoviesWhat Batman film is your favorite?Movies
Food & BeveragesWhat fast food restaurant is your favorite?Food & Beverages
MoviesWhat Spider-Man film is your favorite?Movies
Harry PotterWhat Harry Potter film is your favorite?Harry Potter
PersonalityLiar Uncover the Truth and Office Deception side characters (and MCs) personality test!Personality
WeirdWe'll pick a year for youWeird
MusicWhat Rock N' Roll band are you?Music
MusicWhat Christian Rock Band is your favorite?Music
LoveWhat version of these females would like you?Love
LoveWhat is the name of your future spouse (Guys only)?Love
WeirdWhat year would Britney Spears have sex with you?Weird
AnimeWhat guy anime character are you?Anime
AnimeWhat fairy tail girl should you date?Anime

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