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Ralph Nader - independent
Ralph Nader was born on February 27, 1934 in Winsted, Connecticut. He is an attorney, consumer advocate and five time presidential candidate. .

  • IRAQ WAR: Would have opposed Bush’s original request to use military force against Iraq.
  • LEAVING IRAQ: Would support a deadline for withdrawal in Iraq.
  • BALANCING CIVIL LIBERTIES & SECURITY: Would lean toward protecting civil liberties even though it might risk our security.
  • SOCIAL SECURITY: Would work to make it solvent, possibly raising the earnings ceiling and/or the retirement age, etc.
  • EMBRYONIC STEM CELL RESEARCH: Would support federal expansion of embryonic stem cell research.
  • SCHOOL CHOICE: Would oppose publicly funded "voucher" programs that allows students to choose to attend any of various participating private and public schools.
  • GAY & LESBIAN ISSUES: Would support both marriage and civil unions for same sex couples.
  • TRADE ISSUES: Would support fair trade policies.
  • TAXES & GOVERMENT SERVICES: Would favor the "government should help people" positions of groups such as the Children's Defense Fund and the Alliance for Retired Americans.
  • THE DEFICIT: Would strive to reduce the deficit, by reducing military spending and by raising taxes.
  • BUSINESS & LABOR: Would favor the pro-labor positions of the AFL-CIO and similar groups. Priority: LOW
  • ABORTION: Would support the pro-choice positions of organizations like NARAL.
  • CAPITAL PUNISHMENT: Would oppose the death penalty.
  • MARIJUANA laws: Would support a general decriminalization of marijuana.
  • MINIMUM WAGE: Would have a history of supporting increases in the minimum wage.
  • HEALTH CARE: Would favor a government-provided, universal health care program for Americans. Source
  • PRESCRIPTION DRUGS: Both the above.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES: Would favor positions of environmental groups like the League of Conservation Voters.
  • LEGAL IMMIGRATION: Would favor a more open immigration policy, holding the opinion that foreign workers are a valuable and necessary addition to our labor pool.
  • ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: Would support temporary legalization (guest worker programs) for illegal aliens, but oppose permanent amnesty.
  • SLAVERY REPARATIONS: Position not known.
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