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Kent McManigal -- Libertarian Party & Boston Tea Party candidate

Note: All views supplied by the candidate.
  • Iraq War issues: I was and still am against the invasion of Iraq. It is wrong to invade a foreign country. Even Bush now admits that Iraq had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Invading and occupying a foreign country does more harm to America in the long run than the original terrorists caused on that day. The US needs to withdraw its forces immediately in order to cease committing war crimes.
  • Security/liberties: There can be no "security" without "liberty". There is no "liberty" other than "individual liberty". As Ben Franklin said: "Those who would give up essential liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety".
  • Social Security: Social Security is bankrupt; morally and financially. It was based on a lie. There was never a Social Security account held in your name. Your money was stolen and given to others. The sooner Americans face and accept this fact, the sooner we can let it go and move on. Social Security numbers are now being used, illegally, as tracking numbers on Americans by the US government.
  • Stem cell research: Research should never be "federalized". I support the separation of science and state. I fully support private stem cell research.
  • Same sex issues: Get government out of ALL marriages. Government has no legitimate reason for being in the "business" of marriage. It is no one else's business who chooses to marry whom.
  • Trade issues: Protectionism and quotas harm private business and consumers.
  • Budget: Taxation is theft. Government must sell off its holdings in order to finance its activities. Any department, agency, bureau, program or office that is not specifically mandated in the original Constitution must be abolished, thereby reducing the need for most of the government's budget.
  • Business and labor: Both labor unions and governmental oversight programs harm business and workers. I support free market solutions to the issues involved.
  • Pro-choice, pro-life: I do not like abortion, personally. However it is not murder as an embryo, while alive, is not an independent, viable life-form in any sense. Abortion should not be illegal, but of course, stolen (tax) money should not be used to fund it.
  • Capital punishment: No government can be trusted with authority over life and death. The only legitimate form of Capital Punishment is carried out at the scene and time of the crime by the intended victim or a rescuer.
  • Marijuana: All laws against medications, conventional or not, should be abolished. The "War on Drugs" has been an abject failure with regards to reducing drug use. It has also enabled most of the very worst of the governmental abuses to be committed. Drug laws are counterfeit "laws" since they address something other than actual force or fraud.
  • Gun control: The Second Amendment specifically and clearly forbids the government from passing any laws regarding weapons. However, it merely recognizes a pre-existing right and does not grant a right. Rights do not come from government and cannot be revoked by government. All gun laws are counterfeit laws.
  • Minimum wage: The proper minimum wage is "zero". Anything more causes false pressures on the market which hurt business and unskilled workers trying to enter the job market. No one would accept or continue in a job which pays less than they are willing to work for. The market will self-correct if left alone.
  • Health care: There is no "right to health care". There would be plenty to go around, and at a fair price if government would stop meddling.
  • Prescription drugs: "Prescription drug plans" call for the medications to be subsidized with stolen money via Medicare or welfare of another sort. This is wrong.
  • Immigration: There is no such thing as "illegal immigratrion". The problem arises because of people who immigrate to America and then become a "drain" on the welfare system. The welfare system is financed with stolen (tax) money and must be abolished, thereby eliminating the incentive for people to immigrate if they have no desire to become self supporting, productive people.
  • Education: There is no Constitutional provision for government-run schooling. Parents should have the choice of how they wish to educate their children, or to opt out completely if they so desire. Vouchers only redirect the stolen (property tax) money to different schools but do not address the root problem.
  • Comments: I think that dangerous laws like the PATRIOT ACT and REAL ID are polar opposites to what America was founded on. Using these counterfeit "laws", and the wars on drugs, guns, and terror, the US government has overstepped its authority in a greivous way. The US government is at war with America. It is vital that America wins.
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